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Customer service is the interaction between the client and the company. Good customer service is critical to our business success.

We understand you are spending your hard-earned money with us, and what sets us apart from most phone sex services is our excellent customer service. We greet you warmly, listen to you, find a solution, and personalize your experience. We’re also always continuously improving the company, the procedures, our policies, and always seeking new ladies to entertain you. Lynn answers most of the customer service calls. She’s very solution-oriented and professional. She’s happy to explain things and you’ll find her to be quite friendly.

Customer Service Hours are 9 am-9 pm Eastern Time every day. If you do not get an answer, please leave a voicemail with your name and number if you want a callback.

The number is for billing questions/problems, system problems, etc. All other questions should be directed to email. The telephone number for Customer Service is: 1-800-LYNN-911

Email is preferred for questions on the ladies, job seekers, or conversational requests.  Feel free to email Rick personally at: PhoneSexNasty@Gmail.com or Lynn at: PhoneSexGal@Gmail.com We respond in 24 hours or less.